Milo & Moxie™ Smart Safety Rangers


What do Milo, a loveable Smart Safety Ranger dog, and his friend Moxie, a curious hummingbird, know about teaching children how to prevent burn injuries and be fire safe in their homes? Everything!


In Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™, our loveable characters venture through each room of a typical house, teaching children real-life strategies to keep them safe from fire and burns. Our messaging includes: the kitchen safety zone, what’s hot and what’s not, chemical burns, smoke alarms, sun safety, and much more!




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Milo & Moxie: Wildfire Prevention

Sponsored by Fiesta Bowl Charities

In Milo & Moxie: Wildfire Prevention™, our characters journey up north to teach families how to prevent and prepare for wildfires. Our messaging includes: fire resistant zones, emergency supply kids, campfire safety, and much more!


At the heart of both of these programs is the story that teach how to prevent fire and burn injuries in the home and how to help prevent and prepare for wildfires. Both of these rhyming storybooks are colorful, engaging, and exciting to children of all ages!

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There are three ways to teach the program:

Classroom learning

You can receive a full-size Milo & Moxie book for your classroom library and present the engaging story to your class.

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Large group learning

You can receive supplemental resources to help you inform parents and community members of this program, while continuing to educate your students throughout the year with downloadable tip sheets, social media images, and engaging learning videos. Each teacher also receives their own full-size book for their classroom library.


One-on-one learning

You can use Milo & Moxie with your family, at health fairs, hospitals, or other settings where you can teach children one-on-one and distribute mini books for them to keep to read at home.

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