We’re working to change that with Milo & Moxie™

What do Milo, a loveable dog, and Moxie, an inquisitive hummingbird, know about teaching children how to prevent burn injuries and be fire safe in their homes? Everything!


The Arizona Burn Foundation’s kid-friendly program brings firefighters and volunteers into preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, and summer camps to teach children about burn prevention and fire safety education. Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™ “story-time” curriculum addresses burn safety behaviors for both children and their parents.


At the heart of the program is Milo, our Smart Safety Ranger dog, who teaches his friend, a curious hummingbird named Moxie, how to prevent burn injury and be fire safe in and around the home.


Our innovative curriculum teaches important fire prevention and safety skills, including: stop, drop and roll, escape plans to get out safely, cautions on chemical burns, scalds, fire, fun safety and much more!

Let Milo & Moxie be your fire safety guides.

The program centers around the story of Milo, a Smart Safety Ranger dog, who teaches his friend — a curious hummingbird named Moxie — how to prevent burn injuries and prevent fires in and around the home.


Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™ is an innovative curriculum that teaches preschool to fifth graders a variety of safety and prevention skills, including:


  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Escape plans to get out safely
  • What to do with chemical burns, scalds, and fire
  • Fun safety tips, and much more!

There are three ways to teach the program:

Classroom learning

Teachers receive a full-size Milo & Moxie book for their classroom library so they can present engaging readings to the class, reinforced with interactive games.

Large group learning

Incorporate engaging animated videos to present lessons to multiple classes at a time. Each teacher also receives their own full-size book for their classroom library.

One-on-one learning

Use Milo & Moxie at health fairs, hospitals, or other settings where educators can teach children one-on-one and distribute mini books for them to keep and read at home.