One of the best ways to see the impact that ABF has with our burn community is to listen to the stories that people tell.

As we have started to gather once again in person we are reconnected with our community of survivors and their families. They remind us each and every day about the importance of ABF in their healing journey; either at our camps, social gatherings, our smoke alarm walk, and beyond. The opportunity to come together and share stories and similar experiences allow for so much growth.

The one common thread between all my interactions is the feeling of hope that our community has when they are together.  Encouraging the opportunity to bring our community together to share in those hopeful feelings is a key component of ABF as we come out of the pandemic and move forward in our service to Arizona and our burn survivors and their families.

Also, in the coming months we are working with community partners across the state to combat the dangers of Wildfire.  Our Wildfire Mitigation and Prevention education materials are available and we have started to ship these materials directly to fire departments, school districts, and individual families that are requesting them.  Over 80% of wildfires are preventable and our goal at ABF is to start to teach the youngest generation how to mitigate and prepare for wildfires and this will help us reduce that percentage over the coming years.

All of the hope and prevention we offer is only possible with dedicated volunteers and donors such as yourselves.  We thank you for your continued support and we appreciate all that you offer ABF and our families.