Happy New Year!  Each new year brings with it the excitement of what is possible.  It’s a fresh start as you start a new calendar year, you learn to write the correct year when dating documents, you make your new year’s resolutions and then you count the days until you forget what those resolutions were. Maybe that last one is just me.

In 2023 ABF is looking forward to working with our community to make people safer from burns and to make a burn survivor feel like he/she has support to get the courage to get back out into the community. We want survivors to live a quality of life they may have felt was denied them because of their burn.  As well as to give you an opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life today.

It can be as simple as volunteering your time to install a smoke alarm on a Saturday at a Community Smoke Alarm Walk. Or in a school setting reading to a group of children Milo & Moxie Smart Safety Rangers™ book, ABF’s educational program for Pre-K to 5th grade students on the right ways to prevent burns and fire safety.

ABF also has camps and retreats for all ages of individuals and their families that support the healing of each of those impacted by burn in a family to give them a sense of community and belonging that will allow them to feel confident in themselves once again.  If you feel you would like to volunteer to help plan or run these camps, we are always appreciative of any assistance you would like to offer.

We also recognize that lives get busy, and you may say that you would like to help but you just have too many other pressing issues and time is precious.  We appreciate that and if a monetary donation is easier, we would be forever grateful as well.

Your support in any way you choose to offer will always be appreciated and ABF is honored to have earned your gift of time or treasure and we will make sure you are able to see the impact you are able to make with your gift.

Have a great start to 2023 and keep looking ahead for great things to happen and remember you have the power to make an impact.