Each summer for the past 32 years we have hosted Camp Courage.  This camp has become one of our cornerstone programs to support our children ages 6-18 as they start to overcome the trauma of burn.

This year we have over 50 burn survivors joining us once again and they will be able to enjoy many activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, zip lining, and many other activities you can associate with a summer camp.  But along with those activities they will be able to interact with other children that have similar experiences as a burn survivor.

The opportunity for these young people to come together to see they are not alone.  They have other kids that have lived similar experiences that make them realize they are not alone.  The friendships made at Camp become the makings of a great support system for these kids as they grow and start the journey to completely thrive in the future.

This camp is only possible for these years because of great donors such as yourself.  Either as a volunteer, or a survivor yourself telling your story or if you can make that monetary donation, we thank you immensely.  Our campers and survivor families thank you and just as importantly you should thank yourself.  Being an individual that can see that by making their time or resources available to the burn community you are making a lasting impact bigger than you could ever imagine.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide these programs and if you would ever like to learn more about the impact you have made or what more you can potentially do, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe and have a great June and look forward to talking to you soon.