As we enter the last three months of 2022, we are constantly amazed by the generosity of all of you, our community of donors and volunteers.

Because of that generosity, we are able to continue assisting burn survivors at the moment of crisis at both the Arizona Burn Center and the newly established burn center in Tucson at Banner-University Medical Center. We are also able to host community activities in Tucson, Phoenix, and Cottonwood.

These activities create opportunities for survivors and their families to connect with each other and provide a foundation for growth, healing, and fewer feelings of isolation. These social gatherings are both therapeutic and fun for burn survivors of every age.

As we approach 2023 with Banner-University Medical Center moving forward and adding more capacity, we are taking the opportunity to move a client care services representative into Tucson full-time effective March 1, 2023.  This will allow for ongoing outreach and programing for the burn community in all of Southern Arizona.  We have identified the need in this region and are excited to be in a position to fill those needs.

We will then be adding a third social worker to our team in March 2023. This will help meet the growing need in central and northern Arizona, as the Arizona Burn Center has seen an uptick in patients the past two years. It is crucial to add this member to the client care team to strengthen our outreach to survivors statewide.

We are incredibly appreciative of the ways our community continues to engage with the mission of ABF as we find more ways to support the burn community. We do this not just through assisting survivors and their families, but in the prevention and advocacy areas as well. We will forever be grateful to our wide range of supporters, both financial and volunteers.