H.O.P.E. Services

Through H.O.P.E. (Helping Others, Promoting Empowerment) Services programming, social workers offer emotional support, financial assistance, medical garments and equipment, therapy services, and other programming to help burn survivors and their families navigate recovery. Our Peer Support Group for burn survivors meet bi-weekly and our Caretaker Support Group meets monthly to help survivors and families gain much-needed support from one another. In addition, we offer SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) Programming that trains burn survivors to comfort and support new burn survivors while they are hospitalized.


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Designed for burn survivors age 0-6 and their families to better understand and heal physically, emotionally, and socially after a burn injury.

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A weekend getaway for burn survivors age 18-25 to network with other young adults, enjoy breakout sessions with relevant topics, and have a lot of fun!

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Designed for burn survivors age 21+ and their significant others to enjoy a weekend getaway together, while strengthening and supporting their connection.

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A week in Prescott, AZ for burn survivors age 6-20 to build courage as they connect with other survivors through horseback riding, swimming, arts and crafts, tie dye, high ropes, rappelling, and more!

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Designed for burn survivors age 18+ to connect with other survivors in a safe environment, with breakout sessions!

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Designed for burn survivors of all ages plus their family to spend time together and build their survivor community!

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Therapy Services

After experiencing trauma, an individual may feel a loss of control and subsequent anxiety, fear, or low self-esteem. Burn survivors and their families have a need for physical and emotional healing that allows them to regain a sense of personal empowerment. We offer referrals to Equine-Assisted Therapy, Trauma Yoga Therapy, and mental health counseling for burn survivors and their families to process through their trauma.

Camp Courage Applications

Since 1991, The Arizona Children’s Burn Camp, Camp Courage, has supported the emotional needs of children who have suffered severe burn injuries. Today, approximately 80 youth burn survivors from Arizona and neighboring states attend this free, annual therapeutic camp. Activities include horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, arts and crafts, tie dye, high ropes, rappelling, and more. In addition, Arizona Burn Foundation partners with Prescott College’s Centaur Leadership Services program to provide therapeutic equine experiences at Camp Courage in Prescott.


Camp Courage Volunteers

Many of the staff are burn survivors themselves, and some are even past campers.

Camp Courage is staffed by volunteers –– including doctors, nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, fire service personnel, teachers, and other professionals.


Each year we need volunteers for the following positions:

Counselors (guide campers through all activities all week)

Ropes Crew (be a part of the ropes course, challenge course, archery, or rifles)

Art and Crafts (help campers express themselves creatively)

Lifeguards (for the swimming pool and Lake Day)

Superchill Café and Activities (help serve coffee, snacks, and drinks in the café, while also helping plan the evening activities and games)

Logistics (help set up tables/chairs, run errands as necessary, ensure water jugs are re-filled throughout camp, etc.)

Tie Dye (help campers and staff tie dye shirts throughout the week)



All volunteers will be provided with professional development, team-building, and training sessions designed to prepare them to deal with the specific needs of burn survivors. Click below for application due dates and guidelines. 

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