In 2021 ABF worked with some of our key partners in the burn community, Burn Center leadership, burn survivors, donors and staff and created the “Growing Hope” campaign.

This campaign is designed to assist in our ability to truly support on a statewide basis our objectives of supporting burn survivors and their families.

It was for us an aggressive goal of $1.78M over 3-years.  I am proud to announce as of this writing we are at 90% of our goal.

This allowed us to increase our effectiveness at the Crisis Care moments right after the burn in the hospitals, both Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise in Phoenix and the University of Arizona-Banner Burn Center is Tucson.  We currently have two client care team members supporting the two hospitals, but now we are adding a 3rd member of that team.

We also wanted to be able to be able to have more opportunities to come together between our main camps and retreats programs.  Because of this campaign we are now able to host social gatherings for burn survivors as well as group picnics throughout the year and throughout the state.  We have completed a Diamondbacks Game this summer as well as hosted bowling events in Tucson and Phoenix and we now have a picnic in Cottonwood in October and another picnic in Tucson in November planned.  Plus we are adding back in our holiday party in Tucson and Phoenix this year in December.

Another phase of this campaign was to increase our outreach and stewardship for our community.  We are starting this month with a Communication Specialist on staff to help us share our messages and share in real time the impacts our contributors are able to make with all of our social media platforms.

We continue to work alongside our clients and partners to increase our impact for our community and we know it takes all of you to make our programs work.

As I mentioned we are at 90% of our goal, if you would like to help us get to that last 10% please feel free to reach out and we can discuss in more detail or if you have any other questions as it relates to our mission to serve burn survivors and their families please let me know.  I can be reached at