Milo & Moxie Smart Safety Rangers

Children are the most vulnerable group for burn and scald injuries. 

Meet Milo & Moxie™

What do Milo, a loveable dog, and Moxie, an inquisitive hummingbird know about teaching children how to prevent burn injuries and be fire safe in their homes? As it turns out, everything.

The Arizona Burn Foundation’s new kid-friendly program teaches children burn prevention and fire safety education. Children under the age of 12 are one of the most vulnerable groups for burn and scald injuries. Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™ “story-time” curriculum addresses burn safety behaviors for both children and their parents.


 The Heart of the Program

At the heart of the program is the story of Milo, our Smart Safety Ranger dog, who teaches his friend, a curious hummingbird named Moxie, how to prevent burn injury and be fire safe in and around the home.

Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™, is geared at educating preschool to fifth graders. Our messaging includes: stop, drop and roll, escape plans to get out safely, cautions on chemical burns, scalds, fire, sun safety and much more!

 3 different ways to teach the program:

  • Classroom teaching includes reading the over-sized Big Book to the class and playing interactive games to reinforce the lessons. Each teacher receives their own full size Milo & Moxie book to keep in the classroom library.
  • Animated video used for teaching more than one class or a large group of students at one time. Each teacher receives their own full size Milo & Moxie book to keep in the classroom library.
  • One on one teaching including health fairs or at a hospital bed when volunteers distribute a mini book for the child to keep.

Become a Partner

Over 75 community partners have been trained to present this interactive and fun program to children throughout Arizona. Community partners include over 35 Fire Departments, 8 hospitals, various social service agencies, and children museums. If you are interested in offering burn prevention education in your classroom, please contact:

According to SafeKids Worldwide, in 2012, more than 136,000 children across the country, including more than 67,000 children 4 and under, were injured due to a fire or burn and treated in emergency rooms.

Scald burns, caused by hot liquids or steam, and contact burn are the most common types of burn-related injuries among young children. For safety tips to prevent burn injury to your child check out the links below: 

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