We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to a generous grant from FEMA, we have distributed over 100,000 copies of Milo and Moxie: Wildfire Prevention to children in six counties across the Western United States, all at no cost to the schools, fire departments, and families!

The counties benefiting from this initiative are:

Pima County, Arizona
Alpine County, California
La Plata County, Colorado
Elko County, Nevada
Klamath County, Oregon
Spokane County, Washington

Mission View Elementary in Tucson, AZ shared their excitement: “Our students loved your wildfire prevention books. They had a lot of fun doing the activities. Most importantly, they learned how to prevent fires. Thank you very much!”

If you are located in one of these six counties, July 2024 is your last chance to receive Milo and Moxie: Wildfire Prevention for free through this initiative. To get your educational materials, please email programs@azburn.org.

The Milo and Moxie: Wildfire Prevention story/activity book combo covers crucial topics such as fire-resistant zones, emergency supply kits, campfire safety, escape plans, and more. The curriculum features bright, colorful characters and easy-to-understand messages, making it perfect for young learners. Each kit includes a parent guide, interactive activity pages, lesson plans, and pre- and post-tests. These materials can be used in the classroom, sent home with students, utilized as trade books in resource rooms, or added to libraries.

Together, we can help prevent wildfires and make our communities safer!