Hailee’s family, like many that live in the colder parts of Northern, AZ, utilizes a wood stove for heating and cooking. Hailee, being the curious 1 year old that she is, received a burn injury to her hand after touching the family’s wood burning stove. Hailee and her mom, Amanda, were admitted to the Arizona Burn Center for treatment.

While inpatient, Amanda anxiously waited in the hospital room while Hailee went through a debridement surgery to clean off the burned skin from her hand. This surgery would allow new skin to grow over the area. Hailee had a team of therapists and nurses who stretched and cleaned Hailee’s hand each day and they even made a special splint for Hailee to wear on her hand to help the wound heal best. Amanda was taught how to do dressing changes and how to place the splint on Hailee’s hand before being discharged. Amanda shared with ABF staff that she was eager to get back home to her other children, who all missed her and Hailee, but she was also nervous about the healing journey ahead.

Hailee had a birthday coming up and the whole family was ready to celebrate but Amanda listened to her gut and decided to stay in town one more night just in case she needed the nurses. That night, Amanda found herself calling the nurses at the hospital when Hailee spiked a fever. Amanda was nervous but able to talk with the nurses about her concerns and get the help she needed. Thankfully, Hailee was better the next day, and both were able to make the long trek back home to their family.

Since returning home, Hailee and the family have traveled down to Phoenix a few more times for clinic visits to check on the wound’s healing. Recently, Hailee received laser treatment on her hand to help with scarring. As Hailee and her family navigates the healing journey, ABF has been by their side providing transportation support and lodging so they can continue with checkups and treatments. Hailee’s hand has been healing well and she has enjoyed playing with her older siblings and parents at home. ABF is happy to provide the family with the support they need to be able to fully focus on healing, both physically and emotionally.