Arizona’s wildfire season got off to an early start this year, with over 900,000 acres already burned in 2022. This year’s losses are predicted to be significantly worse than normal due to the lack of precipitation and oncoming winds. Historically, approximately 85% of wildfires are caused by humans. Here are some easy strategies you can put in place to help mitigate this year’s wildfire losses!

  1. Do not start a fire if it is windy
  2. Do not drag chains behind your vehicle
  3. Do not park your vehicle in tall grass
  4. Always check your local fire department’s Red Flag Warnings before starting a campfire
  5. If you start a campfire, make sure it is never left unattended and is properly put-out using the Drown, Stir, Feel method

Wildfire Preparedness Day is May 7th this year, so keep these tips in mind this weekend and every weekend!

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