Survivor Update

Burn healing amidst the current pandemic has looked a lot different for many of our burn survivors. Loss of visitors, increased protocols and procedures in hospitals and rehabilitation and follow ups, and high emotions all around have been quite common. In times such as these, working as a community of support to meet the heightened needs of our burn survivors in healing has become paramount. A recent survivor we have worked with amidst this pandemic not only dealt with a severe injury, but also a complete loss of home, belongings, and unfortunately her father in the burn incident and healing as well. Completely alone and in isolated settings of care, this survivor relied on the support of the community that was able to mobilize around her: a strong case worker and psychologist advocating for care and emotional support needs in hospital, the logistics ability of our Arizona Burn Foundation to replace some personal belongings and provide for needed supports in healing and grieving virtually, the networking with home community resources to get her back to home safely, and so much more. This individual was able to come back and visit today to say thank you to a few parties in healing, as it made a tremendous difference in her attitude and ability to start putting back together the pieces of in dependency at home. Truly, it takes a village…and the Arizona Burn Foundation is happy to be a part of that village.