Client Care Services

Continuum of Care Model

An integrated system of care for burn survivors and their families to provide comprehensive services over time, from crisis, recovery and eventually to a thriving lifestyle again:

Program Services

The Continuum of Care Model encompasses all of the services and programs ABF provides to burn survivors, their families and communities through:

Crisis Care

  • Emotional support
  • Emergency financial assistance (for items such as: rent, utilities, medical expenses, etc.)
  • Lodging
  • Meal Vouchers
  • Transportation needs

Recovery Care

  • Camps and retreats:
    • Camp Courage
    • Leaders in Training
    • Family Retreat
    • Young Adult Summit
  • Family assessment and Care Plan Management
  • Ongoing medical needs (i.e.: durable medical equipment and medications)
  • Referral Services
  • School Re-Entry Program
  • Weekly Peer Support Groups

Thrive Services

  • Leadership development:
    • Camp Courage Counselors
  • Opportunities to serve and give back:
    • Burn Prevention Education
    • Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers
    • Smoke Alarm Installation Walks
  • Scholarships and Conferences:
    • MacDonald Wood Scholarship
    • World Burn Congress
  • Social gatherings and events

Continuum of Care Model

Unlike most injuries, burn injuries leave behind both physical and emotional scarring that can last a lifetime. A traumatic burn injury may present severe challenges to a family.  The emotional scars left behind can cause the victim to feel “different” and to withdraw from the life they had before.  As a response to the need to help support the quality of life of burn survivors and their families, ABF created a Continuum of Care Model, focused on helping burn victims not only survive their injuries but to thrive in their life following the accident.


Program Overview

In 2015 ABF launched a new program to provide services for burn survivors through a Continuum of Care Model that addresses the needs of families of burn patients in Crisis Care, the needs of the burn survivor and their families in Recovery Care, and programming for burn survivors to help them thrive. This Continuum of Care model is what distinguishes ABF for best practices in providing client care to both burn survivors and their families.


Crisis Care Services

During Crisis Care, ABF provides families of burn patients the emotional support needed in the midst of their crisis. When a patient is admitted to the Arizona Burn Center at Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), ABF’s staff social worker is there to immediately offer support to the family. We provide hospital meal vouchers so they can stay nourished while at the center. We also offer lodging at a local hotel – at no charge to the family. Transportation to-and-from lodging is also provided. These services help alleviate stress and offer much needed hope in those early stages of the crisis.


Recovery Care Services

Recovery Care begins once a burn survivor is discharged from the Arizona Burn Center. ABF assesses the needs of the burn survivor and their family and creates a care plan appropriate for them. We may provide durable medical equipment, prescription payments, or financial assistance with rent, utilities or food if this need is not met by other means. For long term needs, ABF will refer clients to other agencies, helping a family through the process of completing paperwork and requirements for those agencies. ABF also offers a weekly burn survivor support group to help with emotional healing and a School Re-entry Program to help school-aged burn survivors adjust.


In addition, ABF offers programming for its burn survivors and their families during Recovery Care to help them in their journey to hope and wellness. This includes our flagship program: Camp Courage, Arizona’s Children’s Burn Camp, held each summer for young burn survivors, ages 6-15.  Also at the Camp Courage setting, a Leaders in Training Program for campers who have aged out and includes ages 16-20. Additionally, Family Camp addresses the needs of preschool burn survivors and their parents and siblings; a Young Adult Retreat for ages 18-25; and scholarships to the World Burn Congress.


Thrive Services

ABF’s ultimate goal is to help provide the emotional support needed for a burn survivor and their family to thrive. In this stage of the Continuum of Care Model, ABF offers social gatherings where organic peer-to-peer support can take place. A burn injury affects the entire family; while Camp Courage offers that peer-to-peer support for young burn survivors, these social gatherings create opportunities for parents-to-connect-with-parents, and siblings-with-siblings.  In addition, ABF offers scholarships through the MacDonald Woods Scholarship Program for post-secondary education.  ABF is committed to building leaders in the community for providing burn and fire prevention education through Milo and Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers and also through our Smoke Alarm Installation Walks.


Expanding These Services

In this Continuum of Care Model, ABF serves approximately 600 burn survivors and their families each year. The Arizona Burn Center at MIHS admits approximately 850 patients each year. Our goal is to meet with and offer assistance to each of those families. As a burn survivor is discharged from the Arizona Burn Center, approximately 300 of those patents will desire one of our services at that time. We also seek to expand the services for burn survivors discharged from the University Medical Center in Tucson, so they too can be supported in their Recovery Care. Our services are offered at no cost to the client. Our capacity to meet the needs of more burn survivors and their families is only limited by funding.

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