You can help burn survivors reclaim their identity and build self-esteem, while providing life saving burn prevention eduation!

Smoke Alarms Save Lives $100

Make at-risk and low-income homes in our community safer. Arizona Burn Foundation has partnered with local fire departments, the American Red Cross, and community organizations to conduct free smoke alarms installations, while additionally providing a complete reliable source for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to be alerted during emergency situations.


Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™  $250

Help us provide one week of Milo & Moxie: Smart Safety Rangers™  to Arizona school district students.


MacDonald Wood Scholarship $500

Support the MacDonald Wood Scholarship, which is available for burn survivors who dream of attending a community college, four-year university, or technical school.


Camp Courage $1000

Camp Courage provides ongoing recovery care for youth burn survivors as 6-15. It is a safe camp environment which fosters personal growth, emotional recovery from a traumatic burn injury, and lasting leadership skills.


Leadership Programs $2,500

Inspire and cultivate leaders through two key programs: Leaders-in-Training (LIT) and counselor opportunities through Camp Courage. Both programs help participants gain confidence, practice compassion, and navigate decision-making.


Camp Nurture $5,000

Cover the cost for preschool age burn survivors and their families to attend family camp. A burn injury affects the entire family. Our family camp serves parents, siblings and care givers of a burn survivor to help the entire family throughout their journey in the recovery and healing process.


H.O.P.E. Services $10,000

Provide H.O.P.E. Services (Helping Others, Promoting Empowerment), where social workers offer emotional support, financial assistance, medical garments and equipment, therapy services, and other programming to help burn survivors and their families navigate recovery.