My husband Robert’s illness was unexpected and happened so sudden. He was a full-time working father, who provided for our family. He stayed in the hospital for 3 months. He went through multiple surgeries, including skin grafts, then to rehab to help him regain his strength. We have been struggling financially since that day and cannot seem to stay caught up with them. We pray and wish every day that we can have our life back to normal. Our prayers include all families that have loved ones struggling with illness that they get well and heal

We have two boys that are in high school, Adrian is a senior and Brian is a freshman. They both work hard in school and are always helpful around the house. At their father’s side on weekends to help keep the yard clean, haul water and hay for our horses.

I am now a full-time working mother, trying to keep the family afloat. We are so grateful for the Arizona Burn Foundation that has helped us in so many ways and we are grateful for our adopt-a-family sponsor that will be a huge blessing for us during this winter season approaching.

-Maxine Foster

ABF has assisted the family with utility support, lodging, gas and food cards as well as emotional support. The family is heavily engaged in social gathering ABF has offered. Robert’s follow-up visits have dwindled down and is progressing in his recover. The Foster family would greatly benefit from the support of a sponsor to bring light and relieve financial stress to their family this holiday season.