This past weekend, we at the Arizona Burn Foundation had the honor of hosting our annual Camp Connection event, bringing together burn survivors and their significant others for a powerful couple of days focused on healing, support, and connection.

Among the participants were Mia and her husband AJ, still navigating life after Mia suffered burn injuries just 11 months ago. For them, Camp Connection was their first experience with our programs and resources. As they shared through emotional testimonials, the impact was tremendously positive.

“I’ve learned that just because I’m burned, I can move forward and help myself and someone else who has been burned,” Mia stated. “The Foundation has helped me feel comfortable in my body and know that I’m not alone.”

AJ added, “It’s taught me not to judge people right away, because you never know what others are going through. Hearing people’s stories and how they’ve grown has been so helpful, especially since our journey just started.”

The weekend allowed couples like Mia and AJ to build vital connections with others traveling a similar path of recovery. It equipped them with invaluable tools for communication, emotional healing, and moving forward together as a family unit after unimaginable trauma.

Survey responses captured the profound impact:

“Camp Connection helped open our minds to better connect with my partner.”

“It was a wonderful weekend and met some fantastic people – learned to take care of myself better.”

“Camp Connection enabled my spouse and me to meet other couples who have shared experiences and connect on a whole different level.”

Attendees praised the opportunity to learn life-changing new skills like yoga, meditation, and the renowned Gottman principles for cultivating healthy relationships. Many discovered profound insights about themselves and their partners through the transformative programming.

Above all, Camp Connection provided a rejuvenating experience and an empowering supportive community that our burn survivors and their loved ones need.

“The importance of community cannot and should not be overlooked. It’s important to know you are not alone,” one attendee powerfully shared.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Forever Living Products for their generous donation of luxury self-care gift bags for all attendees, enhancing the pampering experience.

Through powerful initiatives like Camp Connection, the Arizona Burn Foundation remains steadfastly dedicated to empowering burn survivors and their families to rebuild lives with confidence, resilience, and hope. The unbreakable spirits and meaningful connections forged this weekend vividly represent our mission in action.