Hello all of you hanging in there with this current heat wave. As residents of Arizona have all come to expect the summers to be hot. This year I think we can all agree that is really HOT!

This heat has come to remind us of the importance of understanding what a contact burn can do if we are not careful. As you no doubt have seen on the national and local news the Burn Centers in Arizona have both had their fair share of burn injuries that are related to these types of burns.

Walking on the hot pavement barefoot or with inadequate footwear, touching a metal object that is in direct sunlight, even just opening your car door can cause a burn, touching the steering wheel as you start your car, and so much more.

Some of the other ways to see a burn injury are from scalds. Having hot water hit you that has been super-heated. This is most seen when turning on a garden hose outside and having the first burst of water aimed at yourself, a child or another adult hoping to cool off is not advisable in this heat. The water stored in that hose could potentially be of a temperature that could cause some serious damage. Turn on and let the water run before then testing to check temperature levels.

While we continue another month or two of record-breaking heat, please be aware of these hidden dangers as ABF continues to serve those members of our community that unfortunately have been impacted. Our numbers go up every summer for many reasons and this year has been even higher than normal.

This is why your support is so appreciated year-round for us to continue to support burn survivors and their families that find themselves in the Burn Center in Phoenix or in Tucson for any reason.

Stay safe, stay hydrated, have a great August, and look forward to talking to you soon.