As January comes to a close, we have already completed 1/12th of this year.

Our days seem to be passing faster and faster, causing our weeks to disappear, and before we know it, the month is gone in the blink of an eye.

As we witness time slipping away, it is imperative, as often as possible, to take a step back and slow down long enough to ask yourself, ‘How do I feel?’ Our days fall into a routine after the holidays, making it easy to just get comfortable within that routine.

It’s beneficial when you can step away from that routine and discover what is around you, remembering the positive impact you are having in your community.

As a supporter of ABF and our programs, you can take pride in knowing that you are making a difference for our families. The past 12 months have been highly active for ABF, and our family’s needs have continued to rise as we deepen our relationships at the Arizona Burn Center and Banner/University Medical Center—Tucson. Unfortunately, along with the increasing number of family members impacted by burns, we face rising costs in all aspects of our lives, causing our needs to increase dramatically.

As we closed last year and entered this new year, we will be looking to engage with you in new ways for you to experience more of the impact you have made and will continue to make over the coming years.

We have opened more of our programs for our supporters to attend and participate in, or at least witness the people benefiting from your gift.

If you are still considering your gift for this tax season, please consider ABF. If you have already made this year’s gift and want to schedule a time to visit some of the programs and experience the feeling of gratitude we all have for your support, please reach out, and we can discuss which opportunity would be best for you and your interests.

Stay safe, everyone, and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.