The experience at Camp Courage never disappoints.  Young burn survivors that have faced a tremendous trauma and feel sometimes like they are all alone to fight what is ahead find a safe place to have fun again.  But also, during this week they can meet so many other children that are facing the same challenges.  It is a relief for them in many ways to find that support from not only adults, but also their peers.

As camp came to a close this year, we are able to let campers know that because of your generous support there will be more activities hosted close to home for them throughout the next year.  This way they can stay connected to those that they met as well as continue to find confidence in their journey toward the future.

Bringing local services throughout Arizona has been a large focus for ABF over the past 3 years and now has been made possible by our Capacity Campaign.  Services that include picnics for families, bowling nights, equine therapy, holiday parties, and so much more.

Without your involvement we would be sending these children back to their neighborhoods with some coping skills from camp, but they would be waiting a year to see their community again. Your support offers the chance for those that need it a chance to regroup and find that community of support once again in the months between camps.

As we continue to work to bring more opportunities for the burn community to engage with each other please let us know as a survivor what ABF could do in your area to assist with bringing people together. As a donor if you would like to know more about how your gift has made all this possible, please reach out to me and we can make that connection with you.

Stay safe and have a great July and look forward to talking to you soon.