Spring sprung and decided to leave it up to summer to take it from here. As we welcomed the new blooms of spring at the beginning of April and rejoiced in what the rains had brought, we then transitioned quickly to what all Arizonians understand all too well, the oncoming heat.
So now as we manage our AC bills let us also consider sun safety. Remember your sunscreen. Not just when you plan a hike or a day at the pool, but each time you leave the house. The intensity of the sun might not be apparent but after prolonged exposure, even while driving, it can lead to some serious issues.
Also, for the children. Running outside barefoot can feel nice, but stepping on hot pavement can cause some serious burns before you have a chance to get off. Also, be mindful of using your garden hoses if you want to water your yards and flowers. Hoses left in the sun and then once the water is released the water temperature can be enough to scald, especially children. So run the water and test first before spraying over anyone.
As thoughts move to outside cooking, if using a gas grill make sure all the components have been inspected and no leaks are present before trying to ignite those grills.
Let’s all take a minute to enjoy the upcoming summer season and all the possibilities but, if possible, let us not make a trip to either the Arizona Burn Center or Banner-University of Arizona Medical Center part of our summer activities.

Stay safe and have a great May and look forward to talking to you soon.