Hello everyone,

As we enter the last part of 2023, yes time has flown by that quickly, we look to the opportunities of the cooler weather, the upcoming holiday seasons, and the excitement of all our upcoming events.

We are fast approaching our 25th Annual Festival of Trees Gala. As the signature event for ABF for a quarter of a century I encourage you to look into the opportunity to get a seat or a table to join us in what will be an exciting event of food, fun and making a difference in the lives of burn survivors and their families in our community.

The event will feature 10 live Christmas trees that have been professionally decorated and will be auctioned off. These trees will bring the joy of the holidays to any home or business. So come prepared to be moved to tears, made to laugh and potentially be the envy of your neighborhood if you are the auction winner and have a crew of firefighters showing up to your house on Sunday morning with one of those beautiful trees.

As we prepare for the holidays, we want to remind you all to be safe with your holiday cooking. Having a big family gathering is one of the joys of the holidays but we want to remind you to be aware of the cooking hazards that can lead to burn injuries potentially. Watch children around the kitchen, keep a safety zone around the stove and oven, make sure electrical cords are out of reach and keep hot liquids away from curious children.

Stay safe everyone and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.