The Holiday Season is such a great time to celebrate this year full of memories with family and friends.  Here at ABF we are also in a celebrating mood.  Our year has been filled with activities and support for the burn community and it is because of all of the support you have been providing.

There have been record numbers of burn survivors involved in our programs, social gatherings as well as our holiday celebrations.  These have all been added in this year because “your” generosity.  You should be celebrating your decision to make this type of impact and I know we will be celebrating alongside you as we are able to see so many happy survivors and families.

I encourage you to follow ABF on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We have been able to capture the impacts that each of your dollars have made to our families.  They are sharing their stories of triumph over burn and they are expressing their appreciation through those stories.

If you see a story that touches your heart and you feel like your network should know more about how you are supporting ABF please share.  The more people that can hear about ABF’s mission the more burn survivors can hear about ABF who may not be getting the support they need.  Then more people can learn about how they potentially can assist ABF’s mission as volunteers and/or donors.

This Holiday Season we would like you to be safe, please water your trees if you have a live tree, be aware of overloading electrical sockets and just as importantly remember to celebrate your success in making a difference for a burn survivor and their family.