“It’s been 2 years since Enrique’s accident. I can say so many things about my hero! The number one that I am so proud of is the self-confidence that he has. At first, it was confusing and hard to process, but then it became something that he is PROUD of his healing! He has been able to recognize that it’s ok and that he is not the only one. His burn doesn’t make him any less or different than others.  My favorite little sentence to hear from him is when he looks at his leg during a massage or any other occasion and says, “Mommy look at MY STRONG LEG – it’s getting better and better”. Enrique is such a lovely human being; he loves playing outside on his bike and scooter, and he enjoys the outdoors. He loves playing soccer and football with his oldest brother. He loves playing tag and hide and seek with his little brother. He loves climbing and trying new things every time he has the opportunity. He loves to show the family how he can write his name, and he feels so proud of himself!  And his smile…his smile is perfect. Enrique loves to make new friends and enjoy the moment. Enrique doesn’t ever give up and will keep trying, because he knows he is strong. He knows he can do it if he keeps trying. He is the sweetest little human; he loves to just lay down and hug mommy. Enrique has showed us all to be strong and brave. Enrique is our family’s hero – he is our SUPERHERO –  and I am proud and always will be to be his mom.