Ashley was burned at 18 month old. She got her head stuck under the faucet, while trying to stand up in the bath. 50% of her body has 3rd degree scald burns. Ashley states, “I have burns to my head, the sides of my face, neck, left upper shoulder, and across my chest.” “I struggled growing up, because I was in-and-out of school for surgeries and didn’t know any other burn survivors. I’ve been in a hospital and have seen people who are sick, but nobody who’s looked like me.” The trauma of her accident and lack of a community took its toll on her into adulthood. She was angry, until nine years ago when she found the Arizona Burn Foundation.

Ashley was away from home and finally ready to talk about her burn injury in our peer support group. For the first time, she truly felt seen and was hearing other people share their experiences that were similar to her own. Our peer support group gives burn survivors the opportunity to find themselves through supporting each other. Ashley was able to heal and is thriving.

Today, Ashley is social worker at the Arizona Burn Center helping burn survivors and their families navigate through their hospital stay and prepare for their recovery. Ashley says, “It means a lot to just be able to make that connection and let patients know about the Arizona Burn Foundation.” She works closely with ABF staff and wants all of her patients to know that ABF is there for support. It is our goal that other burn survivors receive the support that they need to heal and realize that they are never alone.

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