We are so happy to be back in person for many of our events and activities here at ABF.

So far in 2022 we have been able to install working smoke alarms in about 200 homes, with 6 more walks planned this spring. It is shaping up to be a very impactful smoke alarm season.  We have completed our Family Camp Program at Saguaro Lake as well as our Young Adult Retreat in North Phoenix.

With each of these events we have noticed that the opportunity for our survivors, families, the American Red Cross and fire department partners to be back together in person with our great volunteer base has created so much excitement for what we have planned in 2022.

As mentioned, we are looking to hold some more regional activities to support our community wherever they live.  With leadership from our strong volunteer base we have our Tucson Picnic on the calendar for April 9th.  We will bring together our Southern Arizona Families to Gene C. Reid Park and host a lunch.  This will be a great time to reconnect with some old friends, as well as meet some new ones.

This picnic will be followed up with a night at Pops in the Park once again in Tucson on Sunday the 15th of May.  A night of music on a beautiful star filled night will be a great way to interact once again with our community and enjoy an event of great music.

As we continue to offer more services to our already robust Client Care Services programs I encourage those that may have some time in their schedule and would like to make an impact to reach out and find out how you may be able to volunteer.

Volunteers are key to our ability to reach as many communities with our prevention messaging as well as our client programs.  Also, if you have time during the week we could always use a helping hand in our office preparing for our Milo and Moxie Presentations, our Smoke Alarm Walks, or our camps and retreat programs.

Thank you for being engaged with our mission and thank you for making the impact that you do for our burn community.