Camp Courage is back!!

We are one month away from our 32nd annual Camp Courage.  Camp Courage is our longest running program and after two years of being virtual we are so excited to be live once again in Prescott.

Camp Courage allows for us to bring burn survivors between the ages of 6-18 together for therapeutic opportunities such as horseback riding, rope climbing, swimming, archery, hiking, and back this year by popular demand, The Zip Line.

This action packed week in June will also bring back up to 80 volunteers and staff that have not had the opportunity to bring camp to our young community in two years. After having a day of training with this group I can tell you, they are super excited to interact with the kids once again.

We have heard over the years from our survivors, and their families, how important camp has been, and continues to be, in the lives of those that are able to attend.  When you are able to be in a safe, fun and supportive environment you are able to truly express yourself freely and be a child once more.

One of our campers I had asked impact camp had on him, he said “camp gave me my name back.  I am no longer the burn survivor I am just me.”  To have your name is so powerful.  We are looking forward to having that opportunity once again next month.

If you would like to learn more about Camp Courage, or any of our age appropriate camps, please reach out and we can discuss the impact all of our camp and retreat programs offer.  Also, if you would like to learn how you could help send a child to camp, and potentially join us at the Camp for a special look behind the scenes, please feel free to reach out.

And as we enter into wildfire season and the heat of the summer, please check your home smoke detectors, be aware of any fire dangers as you are enjoying the outdoors and if you have young children in the home visit our website for some helpful hints on how to stay safe.