In February, the Arizona Burn Foundation brought the spirit of resilience to Oracle, Arizona, hosting Camp Thrive for burn survivors ages 18-25! This marked the first time our camp ventured into Southern Arizona, and it was met with enthusiasm as 10 inspiring young adults surivovrs participated.

Throughout the weekend, Camp Thrive provided a nurturing environment for survivors to engage in meaningful discussions about relationships, navigating questions about their burns, and the importance of nutrition in their recovery journey. The heart of the event was the powerful connections formed as participants bonded over shared experiences.

The camp’s agenda went beyond conventional activities, incorporating a unique group art session that allowed attendees to express themselves creatively while fostering a sense of unity. It was truly heartening to see the transformative impact of this shared experience.

Camp Thrive reflects the Arizona Burn Foundation’s commitment to supporting burn survivors, providing them with tools to navigate life’s challenges, and fostering a community of strength and understanding. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in making this camp a success and look forward to future opportunities to empower and uplift young adults on their healing journey.





“Being able to bond with all these different people, I feel like it’s on a different level of intimacy….. than during Camp Courage. It’s really cool seeing a different side of the people here and getting to know them better.”  – Rudy S. Camp Thrive Attendee & Child Burn Survivor