October here at ABF is a month of beginnings for us and we are so excited about what is happening.

This month we have officially opened our office in Tucson.  Our Client Care Services Manager for that region, Erika Mendoza, was able to tour Banner University Medical Center Tucson and Clinic.  As they start to develop their burn program and are working on American Burn Association Accreditation as a burn center Erika was able to show them how ABF, as a collaborative partner, can make a burn program so much more impactful for the survivors and their families moving from inpatient care to outpatient.

Also, in Tucson we were able to host our first joint smoke alarm walk program with Tucson Fire Department in about 5 years.  On that Saturday we were able to install 132 smoke alarms in homes in a community within Tucson.  The residents that received the smoke alarms were grateful to have a life-saving alarm in their homes and the Tucson Fire Department knows now if a fire happens in these homes the residents have a higher chance of surviving which is a great piece of mind.

Not only in Tucson, but all over the valley our smoke alarm program has begun.  We have another 6 communities in Maricopa County scheduled to host walks.  With these walks completing mid-November we should be able to install approximately 1,000 alarms in resident’s homes.

October is also the beginning of our new Fiscal Year.  I encourage to look in the coming weeks for our annual report as we release the statistics from our programming over the past 12-months and the impact your involvement in our ABF community has been able to accomplish.

I will leave you with some ideas for the Holiday Season fast approaching.  If you are looking for a way to celebrate Christmas and to make an impact on the lives that can sure use some holiday cheer, consider participating in our 22nd Annual Festival of Trees.  This year we have a hybrid event so you can choose to attend in person or virtually.  Either way you will hear about ABF and our mission and the impact you can make with your end of year gift.  Visit azburn.org for more information.