In September, we took proactive steps to enhance community fire safety through two impactful smoke alarm walks in collaboration with The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority in Prescott Valley and The Mesa Fire and Medical Department. With the unwavering support of dedicated volunteers from organizations such as Red Cross, ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, State Farm, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and many others, we achieved significant milestones.

During these events, our passionate volunteers worked tirelessly to install a remarkable total of 302 smoke alarms in 89 homes across the community. Equally important, we engaged with 151 residents, educating them about vital fire safety practices and procedures.

At the Arizona Burn Foundation, we cherish the opportunity to give back to our community by ensuring the safety of our residents and their families. These smoke alarm walks represent a tangible way in which we fulfill our commitment to fire safety.

Our dedication to fire safety doesn’t stop here. We have five more smoke alarm walks scheduled throughout the fall season across the state of Arizona. These upcoming events provide a chance for even more residents to benefit from our efforts.

We extend an invitation to individuals and organizations alike to join us in our mission to enhance fire safety within our communities. By volunteering your time and expertise, you can contribute to a safer environment for all.

We are grateful for the collaborative spirit of our volunteers and the support of local fire departments. Together, we are making a difference and ensuring that families across Arizona can live in safer, more secure homes.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming smoke alarm walks, and let’s continue to prevent fires and protect our communities together.