The Road to 2,000 Pull-Ups

Glenn’s journey to this ambitious goal began with a commitment to fitness. In January 2023, he set out to complete 10,000 pull-ups in a year, averaging about 28 per day. His motivation took a significant turn during his attendance at Camp Courage in June. Inspired by individuals like David Goggins, who have used high-volume pull-ups as a means to raise funds for various causes, Glenn decided to push his limits and see if he could turn his passion into a fundraiser for the Arizona Burn Foundation.

Glenn transformed his daily routine, increasing his pull-up count from one hour to an astounding 8 hours, totaling 1,600pull-ups. He’s now gearing up for his next challenge, aiming to complete 2,000 pull-ups in 12 hours.

Current Progress:

6 Hours and 1200 pull-ups – August 6th

7 Hours and 1400 pull-ups – August 27th

8 Hours and 1600 pull-ups – September 27th

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