In 2007, our paths at the Arizona Burn Foundation intertwined with Ryan’s, setting him on an extraordinary journey that would forever change his life. Through a series of serendipitous events, Ryan found himself engaged in community service as part of a fire science program at his school. Little did he know that this experience would introduce him to our organization and lead him on a transformative path to becoming the Ropes Lead at Camp Courage.

Ryan’s connection with the Arizona Burn Foundation began when he generously volunteered at a fundraiser, raising funds to support our mission. Not only did he contribute to a noble cause, but he also earned credits for his fire science class. Intrigued by our foundation’s purpose and inspired by his instructor’s deep involvement, Ryan was determined to explore further.

It was Ryan’s fire science instructor who introduced him to the ropes program at Camp Courage, our annual camp for burn survivors organized by the Arizona Burn Foundation. Initially, due to his reserved nature, Ryan was not selected to participate. However, his determination and the withdrawal of some participants granted him a precious opportunity to attend the camp. He faced a difficult decision between competing in a national firefighting competition and joining Camp Courage. Ultimately, he chose the latter, embarking on a life-altering adventure.

Ryan’s first year at Camp Courage overflowed with unexpected surprises. Anticipating a therapeutic camp, he quickly realized that the kids were just regular kids, eager to have fun and be mischievous. The camp provided a safe haven where these children could connect with others who had experienced similar challenges. Engaging in various activities and witnessing the remarkable bravery and resilience of the campers, Ryan discovered the profound impact our camp had on their lives.

Through years of unwavering dedication and hard work, Ryan’s passion for the Arizona Burn Foundation propelled him to become the Ropes Lead. Following in the footsteps of his mentor, he tirelessly rebuilt the program, ensuring its ongoing success. Equipped with leadership skills honed through prior experiences, Ryan embraced his role with unwavering commitment, driving the program forward and inspiring others to join our cause.

Ryan’s involvement with the Arizona Burn Foundation not only transformed him as an individual but also instilled in him a profound sense of selflessness. He discovered the immeasurable joy of volunteering and helping others, extending his philanthropic efforts beyond our foundation. Through coaching and other volunteer work, Ryan continues to make a positive impact on his community, spreading the spirit of compassion.

When Ryan reminisces about his favorite memories, they revolve around the ropes program at Camp Courage. Witnessing children confront their fears and achieve incredible feats fills his heart with boundless joy. From helping them conquer their fear of heights to observing their elation and eagerness to participate again, these moments hold a special place in his heart.

Ryan’s extraordinary journey with the Arizona Burn Foundation and Camp Courage has shaped him into the selfless individual he is today. Starting as a humble volunteer and eventually assuming the role of Ropes Lead, his dedication and passion have left an indelible mark on countless lives. The foundation’s multifaceted approach and transformative programs continue to provide hope, support, and opportunities for burn survivors, creating a legacy of courage and resilience thanks to dedicated volunteers such as Ryan.