School has started, summer is winding down and with that everyone is looking to get back into normal routines after a summer of vacations.

For a majority of people there aren’t many concerns about these transitions.  But for some younger burn survivors this can become a time of dread.  Going back to school for a new survivor can seem overwhelming for families.

This is where the generosity of all of you can make a huge difference.  ABF, in partnership with Burn Center Child Life Specialists, work with the family, the survivor, as well as the schools to help that transition be as smooth as possible.

This provides an opportunity to work with the school and create a program and presentation to the students to show the survivor journey. This takes away some of the unknown and makes the school year more comfortable for the survivor and their classmates.

Social reintegration is very important for survivors of all ages.  Your gift supports programs that allow the ABF team to assist with creating safe spaces for all in the burn survivor community to be confident in moving forward again in any environment they find themselves.

ABF programming with your support has evolved to look at the entire healing process, physical, emotional and mental and are building opportunities to impact each of these key areas of healing.