Chase, like many 13 year old kids, is in love with watching short videos on Tik Tok. It is easy to find videos that include life hacks, recipes, DIY tutorials and so much more. Chase watched a few videos that involved color-changing flames that were produced by lighting an alcohol soaked Q-Tip on fire. Chase had all the items at home and decided to go into the bathroom and test out this video. Chase said that the first attempt went well but the second one did not. The bottle of alcohol caught fire and exploded in the bathroom. Flames burned Chase and caused the sprinklers in the apartment to turn on. Chase ran outside and was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance. Chase stayed in the burn center for 3 weeks and started outpatient therapy shortly after going home.

Chase started his first day back to school with a school re-entry presentation to the entire 8th grade class at his school. Chase shared his story with the help of Arizona Burn Center’s Child Life Specialists – Andrea and Danielle. ABF staff and Peoria Fire and Medical were also present to help out and provide support. Andrea and Danielle helped Chase talk about his experience in the hospital; what is was like to undergo multiple surgeries, dressing changes and therapies over the course of three weeks. Chase was able to bring two friends on the stage and practice wrapping their arm and leg – the same way his were wrapped in the hospital. Chase was nervous to speak to his classmates prior to the presentation, but once on stage, he found his strength. Chase laughed and shared appreciation for the burn team who cared for him and eventually felt comfortable enough to show off his interim garments along with the scarring on his arm.

During Chase’s first few days in the hospital, he expressed a desire to warn other kids about the dangers associated with some of the challenges seen on Tik Tok. What started as an innocent curiosity has changed Chase’s life forever and he wanted to make sure other kids didn’t experience the same pain. Peoria Fire and Medical stepped in to help Chase spread his message. PIO Mark Barbee shared with the students the dangers of following online challenges because you often don’t get to see the full video or hear about any injuries that may have resulted. After the presentation, the students were able to ask questions and then all welcomed Chase back to school.

Chase is an incredible kid and we know that he will go on to do amazing things with his life! We at ABF can’t wait to see all that Chase does in the future.