As we roll into August and witness the recent monsoon weather here in Arizona, it has brought to mind how quickly the weather, and our lives can change.

I am sure you have all received alerts in the past few days about severe thunderstorms, heat advisories, dust storms, and flash floods, sometimes all within the same few minutes.

While it is nice to get the warning, unfortunately sometimes you may miss the warning, or you did not get it at all.  Then you are caught in a situation that feels a little daunting and unmanageable.  That is when you rely on those around you for support.

This is the same for the burn survivors as well.  Some survivors were caught unaware of a potential fire danger, or missed a potential sign of the danger and now they are in need of that support.

That is where you have been able to offer that support.  Because of all of you that support ABF, burn survivors have been able to find the support they need to move forward.  And just like you as donors, all burn survivors are unique.  This means programs have to be individualized to the survivors, as well as our opportunity to learn more about why you give to make sure you know how your donations are making the impact you want them to make.

As you follow our stories and have questions please feel free to reach out and talk to us to learn more.  We would love an opportunity to have you join in on some of our programming to hear firsthand the impacts your dollars are making.

So as the next storm front moves in, and you get that inevitable alert on your phone, remember a burn survivor is realizing their life may have just changed and you can be that support that can make a huge difference.