Earlier this year, Arthena suffered a burn injury to both her feet after coming into contact with hot water. Her mom, Jemenesha, immediately called for emergency services and quickly found herself and Arthena in a plane, being flown down to the Arizona Burn Center. Arthena’s wounds were treated and thankfully the pair didn’t have to stay in hospital for more than a couple days. Jemenesha worried about how Arthena would heal, how she would complete the dressing changes, and how the two would get home, as they lived over 4 hours away and had no transportation. The family was referred to the Arizona Burn Foundation to provide emotional and financial support. ABF staff met with the family the day after they were admitted and was able to answer Jemenesha’s questions and encourage her to reach out to the burn clinic with all future questions. ABF was also able to provide gas gift cards to the family to help them get back home. Over the next few weeks, Arthena returned to the burn clinic for routine checkups. ABF assisted the family with gas gift cards and lodging to make the trips a little easier. After Arthena was discharged from the burn center’s care, Jemenesha shared this: “I would like to thank you for making a difficult time less stressful by helping with our financial needs. It was definitely needed with our vehicle issues at the time of the incident.”