We are excited about the public announcement of our Growing HOPE…campaign that we had on August 11th.

Growing HOPE…allows us to deliver our work directly to our survivors in the communities they live in.  We know that being able to receive support close to home allows for families to stay closer together for support. It eliminates any challenges with transportation as well, which potentially would mean that the survivors are more likely to follow through with their therapy.

This campaign has generated a lot of excitement from around the state of Arizona as we have had the opportunity to talk to local leaders about our plans.  Knowing that burn survivors and their families have potential long time therapy needs, both physically as well as emotionally, we at ABF know that having local resources available could mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

I encourage you, if you have not already, visit our website, www.azburn.org, and learn more about our 4 tactics to be delivered over the next 3-years and then how we are preparing for the future of sustainability of those expansion plans.

Having local communities understand the impact that burns have on their local residents and allowing those communities the opportunity to join with ABF and our support programs brings a sense of togetherness for those families and makes the healing so much more impactful.