We’re Climbing!

ABF reaches a 30% milestone on GROWING H.O.P.E.


Thanks to our early investors and supporters, our GROWING H.O.P.E Campaign has reached 30% of the $1.78 Million it needs to reach its goal with $546,000 pledged so far.  We continue to make requests of others for their pledged support.

“We are so grateful for these investors and donors (See List) who believe in our mission and believe that what we do should be expanded throughout the state,” said Rex Albright, CEO.  As one recent investor put it, “This is an opportunity to extend a healing community to burn survivors all throughout Arizona.”

Since 1967, ABF has have been at the bedsides of countless burn patients along with their families assisting them with ongoing care.  And ABF has been there for them all along the way, whether their post-discharge is a matter of months or more than several decades.  It is ABF’s mission to be there to help them not only SURVIVE but THRIVE.

Today’s reality, however, is that burn survivors are scattered all across the State of Arizona.  It’s a matter of necessity and urgency that we extend our services across the state, to remove barriers of distance as well as to be there to support the families of survivors who often attend to their loved ones on a daily basis.  We need to be there in those communities!


One Plan.  Three Years.  Four Tactics.

Our expansion plans can be summarized quite easily:  We have One Plan.  Over Three Years.  And Four Tactics. (See plan list)

  • Tactic One: GROWING H.O.P.E. alongside our partners at the Arizona Burn Center.
  • Tactic Two: GROWING H.O.P.E. in Southern Arizona.
  • Tactic Three: GROWING H.O.P.E. alongside our clients statewide.
  • Tactic Four: GROWING H.O.P.E. alongside our partners, investors, and volunteers.


We hope you will JOIN US. We have enjoyed the benefit and support of so many people.  We have a ways to go.  We are reaching out to those people to tell our story.  REACH OUT TO US so we can tell you more!