Brian Berry always wanted to be a firefighter. After a few years of teaching elementary school, he took a leap of faith and tried out for the Casa Grande Fire Department. He is celebrating his twelfth year on the department.

Brian’s lifelong passion is cycling. He recently signed up for the Trans Am Bike Race. This event offers participants an opportunity to partner with a charity to help support their cycling journey and make an impact on their community. Brian chose the Arizona Burn Foundation (ABF), because he sees firsthand the devastating effects of fire related injuries. He is raising money for Camp Courage, so young burn survivors have the chance to build their self-confidence, try new activities, and face challenges for personal growth just as he will on his cycling journey.

The race starts June 5th the same day that 40 young burn survivors will travel to Prescott, Arizona for Camp Courage.  Brian will travel 4,200 miles from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. He explains that an unsupported bike race means “there’s no crew, there’s no van riding alongside you, it’s just you. So, if the bike breaks down, you’re responsible for all your own maintenance and then getting back on the road.” To him the most intimidating part is not having additional support or the comfort of regular stops.

Brian expects moments where he’ll feel like quitting. But the support of the people following his journey and raising money for Camp Courage will keep him going. He says “it’s a motivation for me knowing that people have invested their money into the Arizona Burn Foundation on my behalf, it is really encouraging.” He hopes to complete the race in 30 days. You can follow and support his journey here.

Today, you can provide valuable support to Brian and Camp Courage. Together, we can make a difference!

I want to support Brian’s Journey and Camp Courage