Summer months are upon us as we can all feel.  This brings with it the danger of wildfires that in Arizona have already kicked us off into a record breaking pace.  As we monitor the wildfires statewide I wanted to take the time to mention our new program released this February of Milo & Moxie Wildfire Education.  Following our popular Milo & Moxie Safety Rangers characters we learn how to be prevent and prepare for the potential of wildfires.

The other aspect of wildfires is that while a fire is burning in one area of Arizona it is not uncommon for many statewide jurisdictions to be called into to support.  In the fighting of the fires we are accustomed to seeing the community of agencies coming together to lend support and resources to achieve a common goal, get the fire out!

Within the mission of ABF it is quite similar.  We look to our “community” to come together to offer the appropriate resources to help each and every burn survivor.  It starts with the Fire Department working with us to prevent the next burn injury.  Unfortunately burns do happen.  So then we see our burn care professionals assist the survivor with the trauma care as it relates to wound care and getting the survivor stable and able to start the healing process.

While in the hospital the ABF team is there at the bedside to start to talk to the family and the survivor and start letting them talk about how this burn injury will impact the rest of their lives and how ABF will be here with them throughout their need.  We engage our burn survivors as peer support volunteers to other burn survivors so they can learn firsthand about what it is they can look forward to and to be example of how it might seem overwhelming, there is a path to success and we have a community ready to support them.

Post discharge the burn community is still there for support groups, camps and retreats, social activities, therapy support or maybe just to have a social worker to discuss any questions with or maybe just to have a cup of coffee together.

As you can see a burn survivor relies on the entire community to be a life line to the future.

A vital area of our community for many of you is our financial support.  For those that are part of our donor community we wholeheartedly thank you.  As you review this newsletter and maybe even our website I encourage you to see the ever growing need in the area of burn care and if possible dig a little deeper as we continue to struggle with the remains of COVID-19.  For those that are not part of our donor community I also encourage you to become a part of our dedicated group of supporters and then you can become a proud member of the ABF Burn Community.