We are so grateful for all of you that are reading this message today.  Because of your support ABF has been able to offer more programs and support more survivors and their families than any other time in our history.

Also, we are able to educate more children about burn prevention and fire safety with Milo & Moxie Smart Safety Rangers™ book as well as Milo & Moxie Wildfire Prevention™ book.  Add to that our expanded smoke alarm walk programs to include departments statewide.

Without the tremendous donors and volunteers these programs and services would not be as robust and the impact would be much more limited.

The new burn center in Tucson, Banner University Medical Center is seeing increased patient loads, in hospital and in clinic.  Banner has been a major sponsor for the development of ABF programs in Southern Arizona and we appreciate what they are doing for the burn community at the hospital of course, but it is the aftercare programs that their funds are helping to support that will allow survivors to become thrivers.

The end of the cool season is starting and those that call Arizona home know that the heat will be coming our way soon.  That will bring with it all the challenges of more potential burn injuries.  This will mean ABF’s services will be needed that much more.

So as you look forward to either a tax giving gift with the Arizona Tax Credit, or maybe considering setting up a monthly donation to support an organization near and dear to your heart, please consider looking to ABF for that support.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the foundation, please feel to reach out.  I am always available to speak to individuals or to groups about what ABF does and the impact each and every donor and volunteer can make to people that need it the most.

Have a great March and look forward to talking to you soon.