On Saturday, July 16th, I wrapped up my 4,200 mile Trans-American bike race across the US which started in Astoria, OR and ended in Yorktown, VA.

It’s very difficult to summarize an experience like this. I can tell you that there were many moments that I doubted myself, my ability and my resolve to see this journey through. The idea of getting back on that bike, day after day, knowing that I was going to be pedaling for another 12-16 hours seemed almost unbearable.

I often dreamed about the ending, my family waiting for me, and the feeling that I had accomplished something that very few people have tried. That, along with all the support I received through social media, was instrumental in keeping me focused on seeing this journey through.

I saw many beautiful things along the way. I travelled through the Cascade, Rocky and Appalachian Mountain ranges, through the Ozarks, Oregon and Virginia forests. I met some of the most amazing, and selfless people I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. I’m sure I’ve learned more about myself, other people and this beautiful country than I’ll be able to mentally process through for months.

I want to take the opportunity to thank those who reached out— you really made a difference. The donations to the ABF were a great source of motivation for me. These are difficult times for people financially, and to see the way people stepped up and gave what they could was inspiring.

Again, thank you for all your support.


Brian Berry