On May 14th, 2022, the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors hosted their virtual Phoenix Engage 2022, in lieu of the annual World Burn Congress. The Arizona Burn Foundation sponsored the registration of 4 burn survivors from the ABF community to help them attend. During the day, survivors were able to connect virtually with other burn survivors nationwide, attend an open mic to hear stories and tell their own, attend 3 different learning sessions and engage in virtual support groups. The learning sessions were geared towards practicing telling your story, how trauma affects all relationships and building a mindset that works best for you. Throughout the day of sessions and groups, survivors had the opportunity to seek out support in the burn community and learn skills to strengthen their recovery and story. Survivors commented, “I continue to attend these events because I feel normal and can talk freely.” The Arizona Burn Foundation is thankful to the sponsors that allow their donations to turn into sponsorships for events that are as impactful as Engage.