Arizona is facing some tremendous wildfire challenges again in 2022.

This comes as no surprise to any of you I’m sure and as we watch the acreage burn we know it saddens all of us that enjoy calling Arizona home.

This is where we could sure use your help.  Arizona Burn Foundation has created a Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation Book that was created after the devastation of the 2021 wildfire season.  We are working to educate everyone about what they can do to prevent fires and specifically how to get children to see the dangers and give them tools to ensure their safety.

We have partnered with many Fire Departments in Arizona to distribute the materials in the communities at the highest risk, as well as directly to summer programs for our youth.

If you know of a kids program or a Fire Department that has any outreach planned over the summer where our materials could be distributed please feel free to reach out about how we can assist.

Our goal is to educate 100,000 children and families in 2022.  This is a large commitment, but we know it is necessary to save our environment.  If you would like to donate to help with getting these materials printed and then distributed that would be amazing as well.

Over 80% of all wildfires are manmade, you can be the catalyst needed to stop just one of those fires and that can be the start of making a difference in our wildfire season in 2023.

For more information please do not hesitate to reach out and thank you for support.