The Arizona Burn Foundation (ABF) serves as the exclusive safety net and support organization directed to burn survivors and their families throughout the state of Arizona. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of burn survivors and their families while also promoting burn prevention advocacy and education. ABF frequently describes its mission with three concise words: PREVENT.SURVIVE.THRIVE

We PREVENT. We host smoke alarm walks and a senior adult fire and burn prevention program. We engage in burn prevention advocacy and fire safety tips, as well as proliferate the recognized Milo & Moxie curriculum for elementary school students.

In its range of support services to SURVIVE, ABF offers its H.O.P.E Services. We also offer a full array of retreats and gatherings Camp Courage, Family Camp, Young Adult Retreat, and the Adult Burn Survivor and Caretaker Retreat.

ABF wants burn survivors to lead and THRIVE. Our SOAR program aids in training effective peer support to burn survivors. ABF hosts social gatherings, provides leadership training, awards the MacDonald Wood Scholarship, and promotes burn survivor participation in the annual World Burn Congress.

P R E V E N T. S U R V I V E . T H R I V E.
Among its 15 programs, ABF’s H.O.P.E services particularly focus an array of personalized survivor support and care to help children and adults cope with the devastating physical, emotional, and psychological after-effects of their injuries caused by fire and other chemical burns. It is ABF’s mission to be situationally aware of burn survivors like no other organization in the State of Arizona.

The Campaign

Growing H.O.P.E

4 Tactics 3 Years 1 Plan

Tactic One: Growing H.O.P.E alongside our partners at the Arizona Burn Center

Three Year Budget: $410,000

Tactic Two: Growing H.O.P.E in Southern Arizona

Three Year Budget: $460,000

Tactic Three: Growing H.O.P.E alongside our clients statewide

Three Year Budget: $760,000

Tactic Four: Growing H.O.P.E alongside our partners, investors, and volunteers

Three Year Budget: $150,000

Total Budget Requirement: $1.78 M


I want to join Growing H.O.P.E.


Growing H.O.P.E.


In 2021 ABF’s Board of Directors is more diverse and reflective of its statewide mission and is compelled to broaden its reach beyond its headquarters in Maricopa County. When the Arizona Burn Foundation is successful in gaining the necessary funding to support Growing H.O.P.E we will ultimately become a broader and more available healing presence to those burn survivors reaching out across the state. The process to SURVIVE a burn begins with the skilled hands and minds certified and trained medical personnel who are experts in today’s innovative treatment of burns. Alongside with medical personnel, ABF becomes a part of the burn survivor’s journey during acute care of the patient. ABF aspires to be a supporter to a survivor and his/her family who are all recovering from trauma. Life as once known is changed and different. ABF’s partnering is life-long. We are with a burn survivor who might need our assistance at every stage of life transition: school re-entry for a child, student matriculation to a new school, when a survivor gets a job, r when a survivor marries and begins a new family. ABF’s partnership is a life-long available healing presence. ABF focuses on transformational changes where our clients can THRIVE. It is our privilege to know burn survivors as THRIVERS. Many of these THRIVERS are role models and push us beyond our own limits all due to their self-acceptance.

The 2021-2024 Growing H.O.P.E. INVESTORS

Platinum Level Investors Robert Anderson Bio Concepts The BrewerWood Law Firm Diane Kreisheimer Caruso Brandon Dale Suzette Doody Forever Living Products Dr. Kevin Foster Jessica Fotinos April Garcia Kevin Ghaswala Navaz Ghaswala Prisma Graphics Hanger, Inc. Shelly Jamison Chris Lutes Rob McDade Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona The Ruth McCormick Tankersly Charitable Trust Tucson Fire Department In Kind Prisma Graphics Tucson Fire Department