In a recent support group meeting hosted by ABF staff counsellors, some family members were in attendance. They were motivated to be part of the burn survivor support group to learn about different resources and learn of different ways they could be of support to their family member who was a burn survivor.

At a certain point in the meeting, these family members broke down into tears because of their newly gained insight into the trauma that they had been carrying for weeks and months. In a moment of partial embarrassment and grateful self-realization, they apologized for the interruption and the flow of tears. It was at once a moment of healing and a moment of humor for the individuals. For us, we realized that the brief cathartic experience was a moment of healing. New strength had begun as these individuals were making sense out of the tragedy that they had experienced with their loved one.

At the heart of our mission here at the ABF are these experiences. Each day we experience “breakthroughs” as we try to bring support to individuals who have experienced some of the most horrific tragedies that life can bring. It is an experience of healing and at the heart of the ABF mission are these remedial moments.

Consider the possibilities if we were able to be more visible and more present to those individuals who needed us most across our state. Being able to do so would not only broaden our community of support and healing, but it would bring wider validation to us who are there to bring that comfort and healing to others.

Growing H.O.P.E. is a three-year campaign to widen our efforts. Thanks to the generosity of some pace-setting investors, we are at 45% of our $1.78 million three-year goal. Those funds will enable us to partner with the Arizona Burn Center here in Phoenix in more effective ways. It will enable us to establish a new health-giving presence in Southern Arizona with a focus and concentration in Tucson. It will enable us to expand our H.O.P.E. Services to other areas of the state including Flagstaff, Yuma, and Prescott. Those funds will help us to recruit new volunteers, new investors, and stakeholders throughout the state.

Consider the possibilities and support Growing H.O.P.E. Soon you may be asked to support our campaign. It represents a new opportunity to be that healing presence to those persons and their families who are challenged with burn recovery.