An update from us on the Angel Faces Workshop


Body Beautiful, Skincare: This was a great way to start off the series of workshops. As a burn survivor, I have been struggling to know more about how to care for my scars. Angels Faces sent a box with lots of goodies including but not limited to sun protectors. Some of these I had no idea even existed. Like the lip balm with SPF or the powder with SPF amongst others. I was so excited to Meet Dr. Palm because she is full of skincare knowledge but it gets better, she has also treated burn survivors’ scars with laser treatments which I am a huge advocate for treating my scars with lasers. Because of this workshop, I was able to reach out to Dr. Palm and asked for any dermatologist recommendations here in the valley and sure enough, she found two. Now I am a patient of these to amazing dermatologist doctors who have treated me either at a very very low cost or complimentary and this was thanks to the referrals Angels Faces and Dr. Palm made out for me.

Heart + Hair: Yaay for this workshop! It was all about alternative hair. This workshop was very important to me because I was going to go through shaving my head again for an upcoming surgery and wanted to know what were my options for alternative hair. The ladies at Heart + Hair made this workshop very informative and fun. Taught me so much of the alternatives out there to the point I volunteered my big head to be measured so we could all know how to measure our heads from home to get the proper piece of alternative hair. Because of me volunteering amongst other girls who volunteered as well we were gifted a piece of alternative hair by Heart + Hair. This completely touched my heart because I was struggling to cope with shaving my head (yes I cried and a lot). Christine Rheinhardt is such a beautiful soul who helped me pick the right size and the right color for me. They do stand by what they preach and is that they treat each of their clients with individual attention until they get in the right piece of alternative hair. I love me some Christine thank you. I even made a fun Instagram video and now I’m future on their Heart + Hair IG page.

Self-Massage: You can never go wrong with knowing other ways of massaging your beautiful scars. Not only did I learn about new gadgets to help break scar tissue but also creams. I learned that there’s massage therapist here in the Valley of AZ who are certified and massaging burn survivor and guess what? I’m on a mission to find one asap.

Facial Design aka Corrective Cosmetics. Last but not least let’s say thank you to our beautiful host Abby Wren who not only is gorgeous but knows how to teach techniques to beautify ourselves with makeup. I had a lot of fun here. Angel Faces send us a box of goodies with makeup that we were able to use during the workshop and follow Abby’s techniques. I finally nailed how to do my eyebrows with the famous “Anastasia pomade”.

This is definitely a time in my life I will always remember. I will definitely recommend this and any other workshops that Angel Faces AND the Arizona Burn foundation put together. I love being part of this community and love to be involved as much as I can.


Thank you everyone for making this workshop so memorable!


Yeezel Garcia

Burn Survivor