The little things that happen in supportive care make a big impact for future rebuilding.  Peter was injured a year ago, he spent months in the hospital and in a nursing facility to help him learn to walk again. His recovery was complicated and being separated from his family was difficult. He was overwhelmed, frustrated, and didn’t know where to find the support he needed. The Arizona Burn Foundation facilitated for his daughter, Melissa, to visit him at the hospital and encourage his healing.  After Melissa’s departure, ABF provided emotional support, clothing and hygiene needs, while connecting him to other community resources.

Melissa recently sent ABF a picture of her father, grateful that they were able to connect and he could return to live close to her.  Peter has found steady income, a new passion and a provider to help him with future health needs. Melissa shared such gratitude with us, as well as other community partners in Arizona, for helping her father. The small acts of support and kindness from ABF made a difference to Peter and his daughter.