The end of summer brings the excitement of a new school year. Students are returning to the classroom ready to learn. The new school year also means our favorite Corgi, Milo, and his hummingbird pal, Moxie, will be returning to the classroom to teach kids about the importance of fire safety and burn prevention.

Janet Boberg has been in the fire service since 1997. She now manages Glendale Fire Departments public education program. Before Milo & Moxie Smart Safety Rangers TM  was created, each department ran their own education program.

In 2017, Milo & Moxie Smart Safety Rangers TM was launched and Janet has been using the program every since. She credits Milo & Moxie for creating a centralized curriculum for all fire safety and burn prevention education. Janet says “This program gave all of the departments something to follow where the kids were getting the same messaging.”


“You take the kids through a home and show them things that can cause them to get burned. Things that are hot and dangerous. More importantly, you show them what they need to do! They need to crawl low under smoke. If they catch on fire, they need to stop, drop, cover their face, and roll. They need to stay away from matches, lighters, and barbecue grills. Wearing shoes on their feet when they go outside during the summer prevents their feet getting burned. I mean, it really takes you through the whole aspect of the dangers in and around your home.”

She shares how gratifying it is to hear back from the schools that the kids have taken the lessons to heart. They practice safety drills during recess whether it is stop, drop, and roll, or crawling low under smoke.

At ABF, we agree with Janet, hearing these stories lets us know that we are succeeding at our mission to educate children on burn prevention and fire safety. Thank you to Janet for continuing to share Milo & Moxie in your community!

You can bringing Milo & Moxie home too!

The books are available in English and in Spanish.