Arizona Burn Foundation collaborates with the Arizona Burn Center to provide S.O.A.R. visits to patients inside the hospital setting. S.O.A.R. stands for Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery and was created by the Phoenix Society as a way for burn survivors to give back and provide support to others going through similar injuries. Burn survivors who are at least 1 year post-injury can apply, interview, and attend a specific training through the Phoenix Society to become peer supporters. In the training, they learn how to share their story and how to offer support to others who are newly injured. S.O.A.R. volunteers offer a unique type of support, having been through similar injuries, surgeries and treatments and are able to answer questions and provide tips based on their experience. Most importantly, the peer supporters provide a listening ear and the encouragement burn survivors need in their recovery. Currently, there are 13 volunteers trained through the Phoenix Society to provide support to patients in the Arizona Burn Center. The group consists of newly trained peer supports and a few who have worked within the S.O.A.R team for years. With visitor restrictions lifting, all 13 are working their way through hospital volunteer requirements and will soon be able to visit patients at bedside. Our newer volunteers have expressed their excitement over being in the hospital, visiting patients. We are excited to be able to provide this type of support to newly injured burn patients!