Summer is upon us – A time for grilling, fireworks, sunshine, camping, and more! However, the summertime heat can also bring about fires and burn injuries. Follow these simple steps to keep you and your family safe this summer!

  1. Grilling: Keep a 3-foot safe zone around grills, fire pits, and campfires, while making sure to use long-handled barbeque tools.
  2. Fireworks: Leave the fireworks to professionals, but if you must utilize them, be sure to have a garden hose nearby, never set them off in your hand, and follow all safety precautions listed on the packaging.
  3. Contact Burns: Watch out for contact burns! Whether it’s the car seat buckles, playground surfaces, or other items around your home, materials in the summer will be hot enough to burn you! Be sure to feel the materials before letting your children partake and always wear sturdy shoes outside as hot pavement will burn your feet!
  4. Smoke Alarms: Keep smoke alarms in good working order in your home. Check them each month, dust them occasionally, and change the batteries, if necessary!
  5. Sun Safety: Sunscreen, hats, and clothing with SPF/UPF protection are a must in the Arizona sun. Be diligent to protect your skin from sunburns this summer!